Friday, April 18, 2014

1993 Upper Deck Mike Perez - Huh?

Over the weekend, I got my hands on a couple of 5,000 ct. boxes of 90's cards. Sure, these cards were mass produced, but they now make for great IP autograph opportunities. Plus, I never really appreciated the photography and the cards themselves back in the day.  

While sifting through the 1993 Upper Deck, one particular card struck me, #204 Mike Perez. On the surface, he is signing a baseball card, a common theme for Upper Deck that year. But if you look closer at the card, the image on the card is of the actual baseball card itself. WEIRD. And this was done in the early 90s, where the only photoshopping I thought existed was shabby ballcaps on players who changed teams. Anyways, the name Mike Perez had never meant much to me, and though the card is nothing more than a common in terms of value, in terms of uniqueness, it is definitely one of a kind.


  1. I remember when I was building this set and having the same "Huh?" reaction when I was putting them all in order. Great post!

  2. I have a running joke with a life long friend of mine about this very card