Saturday, March 26, 2016

In Person Autograph - Ryan Hingst

One of the sets I have been casually working on is 2013 Leaf Perfect Game. Why there are unlicensed cards made of high school students, I do not know. But since the cards are out there, they make for an interesting novelty item to get signed. Earlier this month, I got Arizona State sophomore Ryan Hingst to autograph his card.


This morning, I read that Hingst threw a no-hitter the night prior against Utah. The start also happened to be Hingst's first of the season and the no-no was the 10th in Arizona State history.



  1. Hey Jimmy, I can't find your email address anywhere! Shoot me an email so I can send you some cards, alright?

    backstop cards at g mail dot com

    Take care man!

  2. I too need your email address, Jimmy. You left it in a comment on my blog, but then I emailed and it bounced back, so maybe there was a typo?