Sunday, June 15, 2014

.05 Card Show Pickups

What's better than dime boxes? When you can get them for a nickel instead. That was the deal during the latest trip to the card show. If I got 100 cards, they would be .05/each. Basically, 50 free cards. I was all in, but the issue was finding enough cards as the majority were mass produced base products. I was able to find enough cards of interest, some for IP autographs, some for the personal collection, and others for trade bait. Here's what $5 got me:

'12 Donruss Elite 43 Tyler Pike
'12 Donruss Elite 90 Fernando Perez
'12 Donruss Elite 33 Ryan McNeil

'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-43 John McDonald - scary to say that this John McDonald rookie card common was my favorite pickup of the day. I've never thought much of McDonald, your typical good glove, no bat late inning defensive specialist, but he's seemingly been a great clubhouse influence for the Angels this year. I thought the 2000 Topps Traded was McDonald's rookie card, but his actual rookie is in this set.
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-99 Jose Molina
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-93 Clay Bellinger
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-36 Chance Sanford
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-52 David Newhan
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-57 Dave Roberts
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-57 Trent Durrington
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-109 Jeff Weaver
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-4 Eric Munson
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-128 Ramon E. Martinez

'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-6 Tim Hudson - one of the A's big three from the early 2000's, Hudson has had a quietly under the radar great career. Currently leading the league in ERA. Who knew saw that coming? A great signing by the Giants
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-123 Chad Allen
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-40 Ben Molina
'99 Fleer Tradition Update U-101 Joe Nathan

'10 Topps 206 SP blank back Tom Seaver blank back
'12 Topps Target Red 574 Kerry Wood
'12 Topps Target Red 466 Lance Berkman
'12 Topps Target Red 465 Michael Schwimer
'12 Topps Target Red 658 Juan Pierre
'13 Topps WalMart 319 Brian Bogusevic
'13 Topps WalMart 92 Clint Barmes
'13 Topps WalMart 212 Eric Chavez 326
'13 Topps Walmart 299 Darwin Barney
'13 Topps Walmart 272 NL RBI Leaders
'12 Topps 502 Collin Cowgill
'13 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations SC-18 Josh Willingham
'13 Bowman Purple BP33 Ismael Guillon
'13 Bowman Purple BP49 Patrick Leonard
'13 Bowman Purple BP13 Tanner Rahier
'13 Bowman BP13 Tanner Rahier

'13 Bowman Chrome BCP62 Socrates Brito
'13 Bowman Chrome BCP56 Tyler Heineman
'13 Bowman Chrome BCP36 Jose Peraza
'13 Bowman Chrome BCP19 Carson Kelly
'13 Bowman Chrome BCP57 Wade Hinkle

'13 Topps 346 Aaron Hicks
'03 Bowman 216 Mike Gallo
'12 Topps Golden Moments GM-24 Justin Upton
'07 SP Rookie Edition 135 Joe Smith
'12 Bowman Platinum Gold 15 Lance Berkman
'12 Bowman Platinum Refractor BPP81 Jarred Cosart
'07 Allen Ginter 342 Chad Cordero
'11 Topps 60 T60-110 Carlon Fisk
'11 Topps 60 T60-143 Lance Berkman

'13 Topps Opening Day Mascot M-2 Phillie Phanatic - one of the original mascots, and arguably the best of the bunch. By the way, what ever happened to the San Diego Chicken?
'12 Topps Opening Day Mascot M-15 Kansas City Royals
'12 Topps Opening Day Elite Skills ES-8 Felix Hernandez
'12 Topps Opening Day Fantasy Squad FS-17 Billy Butler
'13 Bowman Platinum Refractor BPCP29 Matt Barnes
'13 Bowman Flags 115 Corey Hart
'10 Topps Attax Chase Utley
'12 Topps Heritage 480 Carlos Gonzalez
'12 Topps Gold Sparkle 365 Aramis Ramirez
'12 Topps Gold Sparkle 354 Jeremy Hellickson
'12 Topps Gold Sparkle 617 Jimmy Rollins
'12 Topps Gold Sparkle 542 Jeff Samardzija
'12 Topps Gold Sparkle 376 Carlos Quentin
'12 Topps Gold Sparkle 530 Cliff Pennington

'94 Bowman 413 Scott Spiezio
'94 Bowman 252 Kevin Stocker
'94 Bowman 559 Ryan McGuire (x2)
'94 Bowman 206 Matt Whisenant (x2)
'94 Bowman 586 Richard Hidalgo
'94 Bowman 326 Jason Isringhausen
'94 Bowman 602 Don Slaught

'94 Bowman 642 Billy Wagner - I don't play fantasy baseball anymore, but when I did, Little Billy was always my closer of choice. Nothing like getting the save along with the three bonus strikeouts.
'10 Allen Ginter 310 Placido Polanco (x2)
'10 Allen Ginter 311 Chone Figgins
'10 Allen Ginter 313 Ryan Doumit
'10 Allen Ginter 317 Alex Rios
'10 Allen Ginter 323 Angel Pagan
'10 Allen Ginter 324 Randy Winn
'10 Allen Ginter 327 Vernon Wells (x2)
'10 Allen Ginter 330 Jonathan Papelbon
'10 Allen Ginter 332 Ricky Nolasco
'10 Allen Ginter 338 Francisco Liriano
'10 Allen Ginter 339 Ben Sheets
'10 Allen Ginter 341 Jon Garland
'10 Allen Ginter 342 Erik Bedard
'11 Topps Update Diamond Anniversary US185 Orlando Hudson
'11 Topps Update Diamond Anniversary US71 Jeff Francis
'11 Topps Update Diamond Anniversary US282 Brad Hand
'11 Topps Update Cognac US11 Jason Pridle
'11 Topps Update Cognac US116 Shawn Camp
'11 Topps Update Cognac US183 Carlos Peguero
'11 Topps Update Cognac US217 Elliott Johnson
'11 Topps Update Cognac US253 Scott Linebrink
'11 Topps Update Cognac US272 Jorge Cantu
'11 Topps Update Cognac US317 Craig Counsell
'11 Topps Cognac 331 Carlos Guillen
'11 Topps Cognac 377 Esmil Rogers
'11 Topps Cognac 381 Michael Gonzalez
'11 Topps Cognac 408 Denard Span
'11 Topps Cognac 453 Joe Saunders
'11 Topps Cognac 505 Tommy Hanson
'11 Topps Cognac 509 Michael Bourn
'11 Topps Cognac 540 Joakim Soria
'11 Topps Cognac 594 Jose Valverde
'11 Topps Cognac 609 Juan Francisco

'11 Topps Cognac 652 Edwin Jackson
'09 Score Future Franchise 4 Colt Brennan
'09 Score Future Franchise 16 Matt Ryan

'14 Topps Green 145 Jason Castro - hey, a 2014 card, and a Green border to boot. Rumor has it that there are Orange parallels in Topps Series 2. Oy.

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  1. Yup, I got some of those orange parallels in the two hanger boxes I bought at Target yesterday. No serial numbering...just orange. "Oy" is correct.