Monday, June 16, 2014

Insert Set Completion From Tony At Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

My last post got a comment from Tony at Off Hiatus Baseball Cards, which is a great excuse to post a few cards Tony sent my way a week or so ago. Tony had busted open a case of '13 Topps Series 2, and seeing that I was under 15 cards needed for the entire Emerald parallel set, I checked to see if I could get some set help. Only 2 Emerald cards were found, but two gets me closer to completion.

In checking my want lists, Tony was also able to dig up the last card I needed to complete The Elite insert set, The Iron Horse.

While most of us seem to have issues with some of the insert sets that Topps puts out, I've only heard positive things said about The Greats and The Elites from last year, and the Before They Were Great inserts from this year. Thanks a ton Tony. The last card acquired for any set is usually the most rewarding. I have a couple of cards headed your way.

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  1. I'm glad I could help you out a little bit, Jimmy!