Monday, March 30, 2015

In Person Autograph - Blake Rutherford

Currently a junior at Chaminade, Blake Rutherford has long been regarded as one of the top prep prospects in the Class of 2016. The outfielder committed to UCLA when he was a freshman and is a frequent visitor to UCLA baseball games. A veteran of several USA teams, I happened to get Blake's card signed earlier this month when Vanderbilt was in town. I recognized Blake before the game, but he was in a hurry to get seated with his family and promised he would sign later. Typically, this means you are out of luck as the odds of a person remembering you are slim to none. To my total surprise, as he was leaving the game, Blake came over to where I was seated and knocked out both the base card and the U18 Team card. Thank you for being a true stand up guy.


Blake's signature has changed since his freshman year, when he used to give a full signature. A mutual acquaintance noted that with the shortened signature, the autograph reads a little like Babe Ruth. One can only hope that his baseball career is a fraction as successful as that of the Sultan of Swat.

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