Saturday, March 22, 2014

In Person Autograph - Marcus Wilson

So who exactly was Brent Mayne and the other 20+ scouts in attendance looking at? The answer would be Marcus Wilson, recently rated by Baseball America as a 2nd Team High School American and one of the top 25 High School players in the country for the 2014 draft. I'm not sure why Leaf put out a generic High School set on flimsy cardboard and no information on the back, but since the card exists, I was able to pick a few up.

While scouts look at tools and projection more than actual performance in a game, Wilson must've left some folks impressed as he legged out an infield single, hit a homer to left and doubled. Marcus signed a few of his cards after the game, making sure to take the time to spell out every letter. Here's to a successful baseball future, whether it be at Arizona State or in pro ball.

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