Thursday, May 1, 2014

March Madness winnings - '13/14 Panini Basketball

Topically, this post is about a month late, but at work today, the manager finally handed out the prizes for our Final Four basketball pool. Each employee who drew a Final Four team received a bag of goodies, among the items, a pack a '13/14 Panini Basketball cards. Given that no one at work has interest in trading cards, I was the true winner as I ended up with the cards. One of the packs was already opened, so I will only list the packs I did open.

Pack 1

#2 Brook Lopez
#58 Wesley Matthews
#78 Jeff Green
#14 LaMarcus Aldridge

#192 Shane Larkin - son of Reds HOFer Barry!
#6 Kyrie Irving Knight School insert
#150 Greg Monroe
#154 Brandon Knight

Pack 2

#12 Serge Ibaka
#90 Paul Millsap
#62 Monta Ellis
#37 Mario Chalmers


#16 Jeremy Lin Preparation insert - could it have been only a few years ago that Lin-sanity swept the nation? Now Lin is coming off the bench for the Rockets.
#197 Allen Crabbe
#132 Marc Gasol
#148 Gerald Green

These cards are pretty "eh" in the sense that the photos pretty much all look like the Larkin card above. Some variety would've been welcome. The most interesting card from the two packs was the Lin which is horizontal and thematically at least, matches the look on his face. I have one more pack left which I will save for the weekend. As 99% of the cards I get are singles at card shows, I should probably string out the packs when I get them.  


  1. Is your manager a card collector?

  2. Not in the least. He loves Target though and picks up packs for these Super Bowl and Final Four team building events. Thanks for reading.